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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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24 February (Part 4) - Address and electoral boundary confusion

Election You have an opportunity to vote on May 3rd, there is to be an election for a new Council, as if you didn’t know given that Bexley took off the austerity brake last Autumn and has been lavishing the money they saved in past years on a pre-election spree.

More on road repairs - but not as much as they have boasted - planting trees after previously cutting the budget to zero, more eye catching initiatives everywhere and as many lies as they think they can get away with about the opposition, which this year will be pretty much entirely Labour.

The Electoral Services team will be working flat out, running an election is a complicated business at the best of times but this year Bexley is down from 63 candidates in 21 wards to only 45 in 17.

Many of us will find ourselves in wards with revised boundaries and a new name. I will be switched from Lesnes Abbey to Belvedere and only a stone’s throw from my address it will be Thamesmead East which previously started half a mile away.

It’s a recipe for the occasional mistake. Let’s hope that none is more serious than the one shown here. It is often forgotten that a fair chunk of Bexley is outside the DA postcode, some is London SE2.

I don’t suppose it was done with Royal Mail’s approval but it would appear that the SE2 addresses have been transferred back into Kent.


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