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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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24 February (Part 3) - Demo? What demo?

Peabody building site It’s the same every time, you can spend half a day working on a complex blog, trying to make sure it is simple and easily understood and get little thanks for it but report on how motorists are being attacked from all sides by the authorities and you will be rewarded with thousands of hits in a day. Speed cameras, oppressive and unreasonable yellow box junctions and pointless road restrictions are all great for the web stats.

Only two days ago Bonkers showed a few pictures of the Thamesmead car park closed by Peabody. More than 5,000 views through Facebook already.

I was tipped off that residents were going to stage a little demonstration this morning so I wandered down there to see what was going on. Pretty much nothing. Half a dozen people weer huddled in a corner against the bitter cold and when I spoke to them they looked me up and down with suspicion, then looked away and said nothing.

They have a problem, but no one was willing to discuss it.


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