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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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24 February (Part 1) - It’s still a date

The appointment in Sevenoaks for next Tuesday is still on. Thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes especially the several Conservative Councillors who stuck their heads above the parapet.

As well as being somewhat shell shocked by recent events I am totally puzzled by some aspects of it.

Over the long period during which I am accused of harassment I received several emails from the complainant. Two were entirely friendly, one about nothing in particular not unlike what one might receive from a friend.

Another reported that ‘the Fat Controller’s office’ was spinning against the complainant and would I please not publish certain revelations which had reached my Inbox. The story was undoubtedly true and damaging but I chose not to publish it.

Finally the complainant sent me an email with three attachments which suggested wrong doing by her Council colleagues. I was asked to publish a critical report but the evidence did not reach the threshold required so I did not.

Ok for BiB to bring her colleagues to book apparently, but not if it reveals my accuser’s predicaments.


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