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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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21 February (Part 2) - You are amazing!

Today was almost completely wasted on mundane routine things. The car was booked in for the annual service and MOT. It has to go to Sidcup and the return journey and back again from Abbey Wood by train via the Sidcup loop wastes more than an hour each way.

The service timetable overran by quite a margin because there was not only the routine service but there were two recall jobs to do. I sat around waiting for ages and one of the recalls could not be done for highly technical reasons. There was too much fuel in the tank.

But enough of that, what is the news on you know what?

Quite a lot as it happens but nothing that I can broadcast to everyone. Those who have been with Bonkers for a long time and I know can be trusted have been fed a few tidbits.

There has been a good number of emails from well wishers and some of them contain reports and background information which may prove to be useful

A second class stamp brought forth a plain envelope containing four crisp tenners. How about that for generosity?

If this harassment business goes on beyond next Tuesday I probably will try one of the Crowd Funding sites. The cost of bringing you the truth about Bexley Council is already quite high.


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