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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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21 February (Part 1) - Contact Us

For some light relief yesterday I thought I would modify a local company’s website as they requested some while ago. Unlike BiB it is mobile friendly!

While modifying their Contact Us page I realised that a mistake had crept into it and BiB’s too. I have no need to send myself messages so I had never noticed the change since the initial testing phase. It is fixed now.

Another thing that was not working for me was the facility to run an email client. The Contact page used to run Microsoft Outlook on my desktop computer but now it was running a web browser. When I checked on my laptop it correctly, from my point of view, ran Outlook .

It had to be a configuration issue and it was. If you are a Windows 10 user and find the BiB Contact page does not do what you would prefer, open up the Control Panel and go to Programs.

While that is open type ‘default’ into the search box on the Taskbar. It should pop up a menu. Select ‘Choose a default email application’. For me Microsoft Outlook was top of the list.

That was it. Everything back to how I like it.


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