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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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20 February - Harassment, a minimal report

Normally Tuesday would be a relatively free day which would allow Bonkers to catch up on recent Council meetings but as always recently there are other things to do. Since Kent Police decided to charge me with harassing Councillor Fothergill for doing her the favour of virtually proving she was innocent of the Code of Conduct charge brought against her by Bexley Council no day has been anything like normal. She didn’t like the factual reporting of her lost libel case together with some of the documents shown to the Court either.

I have seen or spoken to three solicitors and one barrister in recent weeks. One of the solicitors is prepared to be my witness should the case go to trial and has already told the police that he believes they have themselves run foul of various laws.

The barrister suggested it might be wise to remove the blogs relating to the Code of Conduct issues and the Libel case and they now reside behind a password. It is frustrating to be unable to keep readers informed of developments but that is the way it has to be right now.

Street cleanerSo moving on to other things…

Councillor Craske is very proud of his new street cleaning machine which seems to be unable to venture far beyond Tory wards but it will take much more than a few whirring brushes to clean up Bexley.

Long term Bonkers’ supporter Michael Barnbrook has secured the agreement of the police to investigate potentially criminal activity by a Bexley Conservative Councillor. In view of recent events I had better not suggest who he might have in his sights. One harassment Charge is quite bad enough.

From a totally different source comes yet another case of a Bexley Conservative Councillor being up to no good together with what seems to me to be good evidence.

It has all gone off to the police requesting they take action. If they do I would guess that someone might be in very great trouble. We shall see, the Craske obscene blog case (still with the IPCC seven years later) showed that the police tend to find ways of letting Councillors off.

What did they do for him? Oh, yes I remember now, they convened a meeting aimed at “resolving Councillor Craske’s ongoing situation”.

Is there an honest policeman out there anywhere? Well there just may be. Support for me against Councillor Fothergill’s claim has come from an unlikely source, a serving officer in the Metropolitan Police who seems to know her better than I do.


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