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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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15 February (Part 2) - Better late than never

You are going to have to get used to some days with short or inconsequential blogs, far too much time is being taken up with correspondence and meetings, there is another in SW1 tomorrow so let’s go with something quick and simple for today.

Fly tipperOn October 11th last year I submitted a Freedom of Information Request to Bexley Council (only my third one ever) which in effect asked them what they had done with my fly tipping report made a year earlier. At that time the Council said it would get back to me but they never did.

The same fate befell the FOI, beyond the almost automated acknowledgement I never heard another word, not even when I sent a reminder. A complaint went off to the Information Commissioner. He wrote to me yesterday to say he had kicked Bexley Council in appropriate places.

To be fair to our less than transparent Bexley they actually beat the Commissioner to it and sent their answers a day earlier. It makes for quite interesting reading and it will be brought to you in more detail as soon as possible. If nothing else it shows that fly tippers can be more than that, some are serial criminals.

Take a look at the picture; does it or does it not show a man taking rubbish from his truck and putting it directly into a Bexley Council’s recycling bin. If the photo doesn’t the video most certainly did.

I think that is going to become very relevant to the forthcoming more detailed report.

Meanwhile I am going to crawl away and doze in an armchair.


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