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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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12 February (Part 1) - What’s the point of the trial Chariot service?

Chariot ChariotThe young man handing out Nuxley Navigator cards at Abbey Wood Station this morning said that the trial service will end next Friday. They didn’t give it much time for the word to get around did they?

I would be surprised if the trial did well because until Crossrail services commence there is nothing to attract Erith and Belvedere commuters to Abbey Wood.

Carlton Road people can take a short walk to Erith Station and those living around the Nuxley Road stop in Belvedere will walk down the hill to Belvedere Station.

What is the point of changing the habit of a life time to pick up the same train in Abbey Wood or more than likely a later one?

It is not as though the coffee at W.H. Smith (Abbey Wood) is anything to write home about.


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