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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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6 February (Part 2) - Harassment News. Help required

The last time I spoke to Councillor Fothergill was just before I learned of her spot of bother in the High Court. Our paths crossed in the foyer of the Civic Offices and she stopped to apologise for snubbing me the last time we met there. She explained that senior Tories were nearby and she could not risk giving away any clue that we were, if not friends, at least on reasonably good terms. I would suggest that is not the action of someone who believed I had been harassing them for the previous 18 months.

For the record, she was right to be concerned. Councillors have been severely disciplined for speaking to me.

However I am not only accused of harassment for deflecting the Council’s guilty verdict on her activities while out canvassing in 2014 I am also accused of making a “large number of derogitory (sic) posts which contained threats to reveal personal information”.

My dictionary defines derogatory as deliberately offensive. Bearing in mind my previous ‘friendship’ (boozing in a bar) with Councillor Fothergill I found reporting on and explaining the loss of the libel case extremely difficult to write, hence not going further than posting the facts with supporting documentation that had been used against her in Court. I quite deliberately did not publish any photographs of Councillor Fothergill to reduce her discomfiture as far as possible.

My own search for words that might possibly be described as derogatory has turned up “silly” to describe distributing the libellous letter and that it was “nasty” to keep Hayley Warnes under arrest for eleven months when Councillor Fothergill must have known the allegations were false - the police and the Court both came to that conclusion.

TweetI was sparing with the use of the word lying too even though that is what the story was all about.

If you have seen anything more than I have please let me know.

And what are these threats supposed to be? I really do not remember issuing a threat to anyone in the whole of my life.

On 19th November I emailed Councillor Fothergill to tell her that I had no intention to go any further with the reports on her Libel but she argued that was unsatisfactory; all news of her libel case must be suppressed altogether.

After Fothergill’s solicitor reopened the subject I blogged on 13th December that I would make another attempt to bring the matter to an end. “No more Maxine Fothergill info. With luck and good judgment it [any more info] will never see the light of day.” How can that be a threat to reveal more?

Not sure I have any additional info anyway, the only personal info I have is that Mr. Fothergill is Bob.

I cannot see any harassment with the Code of Conduct business and neither did Councillor Fothergill until recently; nor can I find any derogatory remarks or threats. Perhaps you can, by tomorrow if possible!


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