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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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5 February (Part 1) - It’s unhealthy and it stinks

There have been several brief references on Bonkers to my dislike of smoking. My father created brown patches on the ceiling above his favourite armchair and was dead by 68. It’s unhealthy and it stinks.

Having nailed my colours to the mast several times I can only applaud Bexley Council’s initiative for Broadway. They plan to ban smoking during shopping hours for six months. They seem to be doing an alarming number of things right recently.

The News Shopper has a report. The council has a survey for you to complete.

When the Labour government introduced its smoking ban in 2007 I thought that they got things entirely back to front. Smoke free restaurants and pubs with smoke free areas were already becoming quite common. With only 16% of the population being smokers (now down to 12·5% in Bexley) market forces would soon have done its job, but outside in the street you cannot get away from it. Slow down, cross the road, run to get in front of the smell are the only remedies.

A ban is well overdue, all shopping areas and parks next please.

Council Press Release


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