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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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3 February (Part 2) - The Sleazebuster is back

SleazebusterA small number of people have enquired how Mick Barnbrook, who tags himself Sleazebuster on Twitter, is getting on following his heart attack. It is good to be able to report that no permanent damage has been done and he will be able to continue with his life in much the same old way - but perhaps a little more slowly.

Another indication that all is well with Mick is that he has resumed his war on political wrong doing. He had a hand in bringing down nearly a score of MPs during the expenses scandal and his complaints were directly responsible for putting a couple in prison. More recently Mick was the principal complainer against his own MP, Craig Mackinlay, who may be in trouble over election expenses.

Mick was proud to have entertained the Channel 4 journalist Michael Crick at his home and given a short spot on his TV show. Mick also enjoyed opening his door to Craig Mackinlay when he was out canvassing.

Mick is definitely back to normal. This week he sent another letter to a senior police officer accusing a politician of some obscure offences against the Perjury Act. It is no sillier a hobby than political blogging.


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