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Bonkers Blog February 2018

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2 February (Part 2) - Harassment News

When the police demanded that I went to Swanley police station or be arrested I found myself in an interview room for the first time in my life. I was not told in advance what I was supposed to have done and even though I guessed there was no more than two or three hours to prepare.

After I emerged I began to wonder if I had said everything I should have, there were lots of things I only thought of later so I made a complaint.

An Inspector from Swanley’s Directorate of Professional Services phoned me on 12th January and said he would arrange a second interview and ensure that everything I said would be considered by their Legal Services people before I was hauled into Court.

On 30th January PC Brooks from Swanley emailed me to offer that second interview. Did I prefer Thursday or Friday she said. I said Friday please.

However 30th January was also the day that she signed the Charge Letter. I thought I had a promise to my story again and have it considered by Legal Services before Court date.

It’s best to never ever trust a police officer even when they put on an act of being reasonable human beings.

A solicitor who has been looking at the developing situation phoned me yesterday and advised me not to speak to any police officer again. In the circumstances there doesn’t seem to be a lot of point any more.

As you might imagine, there is quite a lot going on that cannot sensibly be reported here, however tomorrow I shall email everyone (mainly journalists, bloggers and politicians but also some loyal readers) who has offered practical support to update them on what is likely to happen next.


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