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Bonkers Blog December 2018

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21 December - #doitforbexley

One of the Twitter accounts I follow is TeresaONeillLBB; not under my own name obviously because whoever set up the account for her blocked me from day 1. It’s a futile exercise, so easy to get around but perhaps it is a waste of my time to do so. The Leader of Bexley Council has Tweeted 29 times this month and with just one and a bit exceptions she has merely Tweeted like a demented parrot #doitforbexley. Not a single original thought in her head.

Overton Road Overton RoadAnother of the Conservatives’ favourite Twitter hashtags is #BrilliantBexley and today something brilliant did indeed happen - or at least the hundreds of residents who have been forced to spend £12 to £15 each on petrol on behalf of Bexley Council will think so.

Their five week long close to four mile daily diversion caused by the reconstruction of Overton Road came to an end exactly on schedule. F.M. Conway are beyond reproach on this one. It looks good too.

The flyover still requires work to be done; the cycle shed, the bus shelters, the pedestrian crossings are not yet ready and the inadequate lighting is another potential danger. None at all along the southbound carriageway when I drove home at midnight last Wednesday and the start of the barriers which remain along the eastern walkway was barely visible.

However the road is fully opened and goes bump, bump bump at every open bridge joint. The further remedial work on them destroyed the white lines. Will it ever be replaced?

I would like to see the two southbound lanes on the approach to the Knee Hill roundabout given clearer demarcation from the single northbound lane. It’s a good idea but Abbey Wood drivers can be an impatient lot and will use it as an overtaking lane.


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