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Bonkers Blog December 2018

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19 December - The cheek of it!

TweetThis is a bit cheeky isn’t it?

It’s not one of Bexley Conservative’s trademark lies but it manages to shift the blame for any internet stories about dog walking away from the real source - Bexley Tories themselves!

Charging every dog walker, not just commercial walkers - although that may be the fault of ill-chosen words - for using Bexley’s parks was a Tory suggestion at the recent Budget Scrutiny meeting.

It was not on Cabinet Member Peter Craske’s official list of budget proposals but he did offer to take the idea away for consideration.

The internet claims were entirely justified until Councillor Craske reached his decision three days later and squashed the idea.

It is true that some opposition activists milked the story for all it was worth but it was reported with meticulous accuracy on Bonkers and the News Shopper. If Councillor Craske wants to blame anyone for the short lived story he could do worse than look at himself and his colleague Alan Downing without whom it would not have arisen.

Several London Councils charge hefty fees for commercial dog walkers. Councillor Craske’s statement does not preclude Bexley from doing the same at some future date. Crafty eh?


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