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Bonkers Blog December 2018

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18 December - Goodwill but not to all men

Exactly a year ago as I write this blog I was being forced to stand outside Swanley Police station in the freezing cold having been summoned there by PC Brookes (13546) under threat of arrest if I didn’t attend. Her demand followed my revelation that Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill (now former Bexley Councillor) had lost a libel case in the High Court. She was on the phone to me within a couple of hours of Bonkers posting a link to the High Court’s website and three days before any details were made public. She accepted it was news but claimed it was not relevant to Bonkers because the libel was committed in a personal capacity and not as a Councillor. I disagreed.

Fothergill was not at all happy with the High Court link and her annoyance when the libel became common knowledge knew no bounds. She went to the police alleging Harassment and Sergeant Cooke (11901) at Swanley jumped at her command.

That evening in Swanley left me with a dose of the flu which lasted seven weeks and a criminal charge.

Informally a more worldly wise officer than PC Brookes and her Sergeant opined that “we could end up with egg on our faces over this” but it wasn’t until the CPS took an interest that the case was dropped.

That same officer later said that lessons should be learned and the two officers at fault should be given development feedback, however when the case was referred to Kent Police’s Complaints Department it said that no one had done anything wrong. The only conclusion one can draw is that the police investigating themselves is a thoroughly bad idea; all they do is confirm how deeply the corruption runs.

Quite separately I referred Ms. Fothergill’s almost entirely false statement - it’s a criminal offence to deliberately make a false statement - to the Chief Constable of Kent as a formal allegation of crime with a request for a crime number.

There was no acknowledgement so a reminder was sent which produced a grudging response.

Since then I have heard absolutely nothing. It would appear that Maxine Fothergill is able to exert an influence on the police not only in Swanley but right up to Crime Commissioner level.

When the police receive a difficult complaint they are inclined to do nothing in the hope the complainant tires and goes away. Not me. The following letter was set to the Chief Constable today.


Note: The Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent has voiced his objections to the above letter. He says it makes a “groundless allegation” that he influences police investigations. It does no such thing, it says that I personally would not be surprised if Kent Police’s constant failure to investigate Maxine Fothergill’s activities was in some unknown way linked to her Councillor status.

I fully accept that there is no evidence that I should be concerned about what goes on in Kent and the prospects of finding any must be close to zero, however I reserve the right to be unsurprised by any malpractice discovered within any police hierarchy. There is plentiful justification for having a suspicious mind and some of it is detailed in a later blog.

Meanwhile you should note that Kent PCC may be as clean as its Chief Constable is dilatory.


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