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Bonkers Blog December 2018

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10 December - The Tories’ No. 1 target?

TweetThe Northumberland Numpty is at it again - I really must think of something alliterative for his new ward of West Heath.

Once again he is obsessed by bloggers; who in Bexley writes the anti-Conservative blog with which he has become obsessed?

Not me that’s for sure. I don’t think there is anything on Bonkers that is wholly against Bexley Council’s policies, except perhaps its less than expert road design team. Fortunately I can call on a real expert when critical of that but I cannot think of any other policy that Bonkers has come out unequivocally against, certainly not in recent memory.

Against political lying is Bonkers’ principal occupation and Councillor Philip Read is the supreme exponent of that art. Where does he get the idea that bloggers are “biased against the truth” from? There is not a single lie anywhere on Bonkers whereas Councillor Read can barely write a sentence without lying.

As for the numbers, even now Bonkers reaches only a tiny fraction of Bexley’s 280,000 population.

The Tories’ new propaganda sheet continues the Numpty’s theme. It talks of “others [who] spent the year running down our borough”. Council Leader Teresa O’Neill is getting paranoid too. Should I be proud of getting so much attention from writing a few words about Bexley Council most days?

Technically she is correct when saying that Labour Councillors have voted against her schemes although usually that is because they have wanted something better. Why they fall into that voting trap every single time I have no idea, it doesn’t look very clever to me.

The Leader rabbits on about a number of things in her blog, among them Hall Place. Nowhere on Bonkers will you find any criticism of what has been going on at Hall Place, only the report that some Conservative Councillors are critical of the proposal to charge an entrance fee for the park.

Another is LED lighting of which there has been no criticism on Bonkers apart from pointing out that their claim that they are brighter than sodium lamps is a lie - and on their own admission a lie. They seem to have stopped doing that now.

The Leader claims that her Labour colleagues were all for Sadiq Khan’s plan to close Bexleyheath Police station and that is simply a lie.

Her claim to have increased the cleaning budget is true, except that if you compare it with the budgets of a few years ago it is not.

On the remainder of the Leader's chosen subjects, libraries, Ageing Well and the new disabled toilet, Bonkers has said not a word.

Generally speaking I don’t have a lot of issues with Bexley Council other than their lying and their determination to get me behind bars for exposing those lies. Several correspondents will know that I have said in private that Bexley is far from being the worst Council in London, just look at Tory Barnet and Socialist Newham if you want to see bad Councils in action. Probably you can find much the same in a few old blogs too.

It has been said over and over again that if Bexley Council stopped lying Bonkers could pack up and go away.

Speaking of which; there is a Scrutiny meeting this evening and I have looked at the Agenda. There is nothing in it apart from medical stuff and experience has shown such meetings to be boring and of little interest to readers. I’ll watch the webcast in relative comfort instead of sitting on a hard plastic seat behind their pathetic barrier that would never stop anyone with ill intent doing whatever they wanted to do. All it succeeds in doing is curtailing conversation between Councillors and public, which will be the Leader’s principal motivation.


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