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Bonkers Blog December 2018

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9 December - Oh why are we waiting?

Crossrail muddleIf you had asked three months ago I would have said I’d be out before dawn this morning and be travelling to Paddington and back before breakfast but alas it was not to be because, too late, we discovered that the Crossrail trains are not all they were cracked up to be.

But it is an ill-wind that blows nobody any good; as a result of the several months of embarrassing delay Bexley Council may just about fulfill its part of the contract in the nick of time.

They have been working on the flyover outside Abbey Wood station since March 2017 and resurfaced it three months ago and still it is unfinished, indeed they have dug some of it up again.

A month ago a local Councillor said she had been told that work would be completed by the end of November and on the 27th the Highways Department said the job would be completed by the middle of December. That’s not likely either. The northbound bus stop is still far from completed and construction of the southbound one has barely begun. Only one of the four walkways is open and several of the lamp posts don’t work or come on at the wrong time.

And what about that bus stop? This is what was promised…
…and this is what Bexley Council has delivered.
The pedestrian crossing isn’t ready either; does anyone at Bexley Council have a clue?

If the flyover isn’t completed this week, and it’s not looking likely, it could possibly be mid-January before Abbey Wood sees any relief from the never ending chaos. The more talkative of the Conway men will tell you that they are taking a break from 21st December until 7th January.

There is no chance of Harrow Manorway north of the flyover being completed before next June and we have the closure of Gayton Road to look forward to. That should be fun.


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