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Bonkers Blog December 2018

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7 December - Obsessive Compulsive Dipsticks

I’ve no idea why they do it because they present themselves as fish to be shot in a barrel. Why does anyone lie about something so easily proved to be untrue?

The only explanation is that the pair of twerps who run the Conservatives’ Twitter account are, well, a pair of twerps.

I have been accused of not supporting Crossrail; someone who chronicled the construction of Abbey Wood station from the day construction began in 2013, was the only person to attend every Liaison Panel meeting apart from the Chairman and defended Network Rail against unreasonable criticism.

As a reward Network Rail invited me on site before any Bexley Councillor got a look around and devoted a page of their commemorative book which was due for publication this weekend to me. I approved the photos and I approved the text.

But the lunatics who lie to their thousand Twitter followers say I regard the project as being “the death knell” for Abbey Wood.

Abbey Wood lie Abbey Wood truth
Of course Crossrail has been the death knell for the old Abbey Wood. All the industrial sites by the station have gone, replaced by flats and Sainsbury’s. The car park has gone, the adjacent petrol station and shops along with Coralline Walk are soon to go.

Both sides of the railway line will soon see tower blocks, another has been approved on appeal today. A narrow Harrow Manorway is being replaced by a tree lined boulevard with provision made - according to Bexley Council - for a future tramway.

The old and previously neglected Abbey Wood has gone and it was Crossrail that sounded its death knell - and BiB said that was “a good thing”.

But despite all that the Tory Twits spread lies and I am glad of it. The more people who get to know what a disreputable bunch is in charge of Bexley the more I like it.

Keep it up chaps you are doing a grand job - of making fools of yourselves.


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