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Bonkers Blog December 2018

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6 December (Part 2) - In desperation Bexley Conservatives lie about both Trams and Buses

Bexley Conservatives Tweeted another bit of nonsense yesterday - sorry, that is not really news is it?

They said that I - a reference to a Labour supporter is usually me when it is not wholly a figment of their vivid imagination - said that the redesigned Bourne Road junction was lethal and that buses would not be able to use it.

When Bexley Conservatives (@bexleynews) are not lying they are being deceitful. What did I actually say?

I said surrounding the Bourne Road junction with rusty tram rails embedded vertically in the ground was potentially lethal. Cyclists and toddlers would be especially vulnerable and so would anyone flung from a car in a serious accident.

Bourne RoadThere are more pictures here.

Someone at Bexley Council with more sense than the authors of @bexleynews - so it could be almost anyone - saw the newly created death trap and to the relief of everyone ordered its removal.

So Bexley’s road planners agreed with me but my friends at @bexleynews very kindly decided to provide BiB with another blog. What nice people.

How about the buses not being able to get past. Did I say that?

Not really. I think the cretins must be talking about a blog I wrote a couple of weeks earlier after a bus ride to Bourne Road. Because the road works were encroaching on a bus stop a driver in a bad mood refused to drop me off there. No one said that when the works were finished buses would have problems.

So there we have it; yet another day of Tory lies in Bexley. Thanks Philip. Thanks Peter.


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