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Bonkers Blog December 2018

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4 December - Dylexia rules, KO?

WildmanAdam Wildman’s name crops up rather a lot here for someone who hasn’t said much as a Councillor at meetings. Last January, five months before he was elected and before the list of Conservative candidates was announced he appeared to jump the gun by claiming to be one on his Twitter Profile.

He sort of jumped the gun in April too when he agreed to be Teresa O’Neill’s stooge masquerading as a member of the public to ask her a creepy question. Councillor Diment was the other creep and it paid off; they were the only ones of the new intake to be given a special job.

Before arriving in Bexley he was claiming to live “in the shadow of Grenfell”, the Tower presumably but for the convenience of the nomination papers said he lived in Blackfen Road, Sidcup.

His home address continued to be a little mysterious; as soon as he was elected he registered 12 Embassy Court, London Road, DA14 but Google maps and Bexley’s rubbish collection day checker said that there is no such address. There is an Embassy Court in Lansdown Road, DA14 but seven months later the Register of Interests still says 12 Embassy Court, London Road, DA14 4EW.

Flitting from Kensington to Blackfen Road to Embassy Court either means owning three houses or moving around. If the latter one might expect to see activity at the Land Registry but there has been none.

Maybe Councillor Wildman is simply careless. Perhaps he wrote London Road when he meant to say Lansdown Road and perhaps he wrote 12 when he meant 21 because that address sold a couple of months ago.

Oh hang on a minute. He couldn’t have moved to 21 Lansdown Road in September because he was claiming to live in that road (but spelled London!) in May.

Perhaps one of his colleagues could ask him to clarify his Register of Interests?


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