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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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31 August (Part 1) - The Bexley Bully

Gill StewardThere have been remarkably few leaks of information about the premature departure of Bexley’s Chief Executive Gill Steward whose last day of service is today, but the fact that Bexley Council is in lock down mode refusing all questions and Freedom of Information requests tells you just one thing, the villain of the piece must be Council Leader Teresa O’Neill.

Piecing together the very few comments from inside Bexley Council one can conclude that the Leader is a world class bully who has to get her own way. The allegation is that she would not listen to advice from the Chief Executive and eventually the rows became too heated. Previous more talkative senior officers have said that the Leader can sack them at any time and that is what appears to have happened in Gill’s case.

Naturally she would have threatened an industrial tribunal the answer to which would be a hefty bribe wrapped up in yet another gagging order.

Looking back over the past two years there have been occasions that made one think that the Chief Executive must be acting under duress; why was almost her first action to pick a fight with Bonkers thereby ensuring her a bad press? She barely knew who I was and had never even seen me. Much more likely is that the Bexley Bully was behind the loss of the Press Desk.

Today her period of ‘gardening leave’ comes to an end and her grimacing visage is about to vanish from the Bonkers banner. The question of the day must be, who should sit there alongside Teresa the Tyrant?


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