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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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29 August - Police incompetence v Corruption

The Royal Mail has confirmed that my Appeal against Kent Police’s decision to charge me with Harassment was delivered to them on the very last allowable day. They had reached that decision because Bonkers published accurate accounts of how former Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill had fallen foul of the Council’s Code of Conduct Committee in 2015 and of the High Court last year. She had been forced to admit to lying in the course of her business and paid out £70,000 to the two victims of her libel.

Those who wish to follow this new attempt to combat the corruption entrenched within the British police service will need to reference as much documentation as possible and to that end a transcript of what Kent Police sent to the CPS for their use has been laboriously typed out and placed on line. Please excuse the many spelling errors and occasional grammatical mistake, theirs not mine.

Some readers I am sure will find my constant reference to police corruption questionable and I accept that much of what they do is only incompetence, not corruption. In my view what Sergeant Robbie Cooke sent to to the CPS is an example of extreme incompetence and the cover up by Kent’s Directorate of Professional Standards is corruption. The Swanley DPS man told me in writing there were lessons to be learned, his head office told me that no police officer did anything wrong.

If you read the summary of the charge against me you will see it starts with a lie; that Bexley Council’s Code of Conduct Committee “found her not guilty” when to this day the Council’s website says otherwise. I accept that Sergeant Cooke had been told that lie by someone who had very recently admitted lying in the High Court but wasn’t he under an obligation to carry out a simple check?

Maybe the CPS did not proceed with the prosecution because they realised that if the Charge could be so easily proved to be a lie their case was likely to collapse rather quickly.

Sergeant Cooke swallowed whole the claim that I blogged about “Maxine Fothergill’s personal business, her family, herself and her home” but there was nothing about her family and the blogs about her home were an entirely separate issue, the fact she extended her house in Fawkham without planning permission. She was not living in the house which was featured.

A series of blogs in support of Maxine Fothergill were described as derogitory (sic). Sergeant Cooke quite obviously either hadn’t read them, paid no attention to them or perhaps made a conscious decision to ignore what was written.

Sergeant Cooke claimed that I implied that Maxine Fothergill was “syphoning money out of her clients for her own benefit” but I did not. Bonkers reported that some of her clients had reported her to the police because they believed she may have done exactly that. Not quite the same thing. Subsequently I discovered that Maxine Fothergill has been recorded admitting that about £100,000 has gone AWOL.

The Sergeant appears to think that a website called Bexley is Bonkers should not be reporting news that is not obviously part of Bexley but a Bexley Councillor proven to be a liar tends to bring the whole of Bexley Council into disrepute, it is shocking that such people are able to hold elected positions.

In any case a police officer ought to know the difference between reporting news and criminal harassment. Cooke appears to have accepted at face value a claim that I made Maxine Fothergill ill and put her in hospital. Witnesses have provide the reason for Maxine Fothergill being in hospital and it has nothing to do with Bexley is Bonkers.

Finally the CPS summary says on 20th December 2017, two days after I was interviewed under caution, I blogged that if the police charged me with harassment I would reveal more damaging revelations about Maxine Fothergill. All that was said was that if the case went to Court a lot of dirty linen would likely be washed in public. That is a statement of fact, it is what always happens in Court and for a police officer to interpret my comments any differently is ridiculous. It can only be an invention by Kent Police to further their flimsy case.

If Sergeant Cooke made his decision based on Fothergill’s tears and the fact that she was a Councillor and automatically considered to be honest, then what he did may be corruption but I think it is far more likely that he is yet another incompetent police officer.

Reporting on Court cases is not harassment, neither is saying that it is “silly” to commit libel and police officers, even very stupid ones, ought to know that.

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