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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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27 August (Part 2) - Police corruption; there is no getting away from it

I used to be a police supporter but in the early 1990s I opened my front door to two constables one of whom immediately punched me on the nose, I managed to get my hand up in time to prevent too much damage but things may have been far worse if his accomplice had not dragged him off me.

It was apparently a case of mistaken identity, the bloke living opposite at the time was a wife abuser and I did get an apology after the Borough Commander looked at my CCTV tape. He sent it to the Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) or whatever it was called back then and they lost it.

I know hate is a strong word but this law abiding citizen, never so much as a parking or speeding fine, has hated the bastards ever since; and that was before I became sort of related to Alastair Morgan whose brother was murdered by or on the orders of Metropolitan Police officers.

The police are corrupt. The only time I beat them at their game was in 2011 when Council Leader Teresa O’Neill instructed, or had someone instruct, the police to put a stop to this blog. The police told me in writing that if I continued to criticise Councillors I would be arrested. The DPS eventually instructed Bexley Police to withdraw their threat. Since then it has been all down hill.

After Councillor Peter Craske thought that blogging obscenities was a good idea - the offending article was traced to his IP address and found along with another on his laptop - I spent seven years trying to get Bexley police to investigate the crime and when they made the most awful hash of it, complained to the DPS. Bexley police’s malpractice was self evident.

The DPS investigator agreed we (me and Elwyn Bryant) had a good case and promised he would “get us a result”. In the end his report listed all sorts of ‘mistakes’ by Bexley police but concluded that not one of them had done anything wrong at all. It seemed to be very likely that the report was favourable to our case but someone had leaned on the investigating officer very hard and made him change the concluding paragraph. Subsequently the DPS admitted that too many of its officers are corrupt.

Their report failed to address some of the damning evidence uncovered and suspicious correspondence submitted by Elwyn and me and those omissions were referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. They refused to answer any question about the evidence which the DPS had ignored and said the appeals process was exhausted. The IOPC is corrupt too.

When Bexley Council lied about me misbehaving in the Council Chamber and a year after the event asked Bexley Police to rewrite their report of the alleged incident to suit their crooked requirements, Greenwich Police were persuaded that the evidence against Bexley Council was damning and sent a file to the CPS. A year later a police informant told me how the CPS had managed to ‘lose’ all the evidence. He was suitably shocked and the CPS never did get around to sending Mick Barnbrook - who instigated the complaint - their report. Well they wouldn’t want to admit the truth would they?

I shall skip over the harassment allegations made by former Cabinet Member Don Massey because this introduction to the main point of this blog is already too long.

So let’s get to the point. After former Councillor Maxine Fothergill made a false statement to Kent Police that caused me to be charged with Harassment I complained to Kent Police that a click or two on Bexley Council’s website would have shown the main plank of her argument to be false, and if their Sergeant Robbie Cooke had read even one or two of my blogs he would have realised that Maxine Fothergill was attempting to lead him up the garden path. My complaint provided a catalogue of the dubious comments contained within Fothergill’s Statement.

A month ago an email came from Kent Police to say my complaint was rejected on the grounds that although the CPS disagreed with them they still believed it would be in the public interest to have me in Court.

After nearly eight years of tackling police corruption I was ready to give it up as a useless occupation. I decided not to appeal their decision and enjoy what is left of my retirement instead. My response to their email was short and to the point.

“So it is not only the Met Police that is corrupt to the core it is Kent Police too. According to you there is no need for the investigating officer to do anything at all. Utterly shameful.”

However a number of people who supported me during the four months of hell caused by the Court proven liar were not in a mood to give up on police corruption and felt I was letting the side down; so in the nick of time - Appeals must be completed within 28 days - I have made one, it went in the post, recorded, last week.

If readers are to be taken along for the next police corruption ride it is necessary to provide access to a number of documents. It takes time to prepare the pages but some are already Indexed. They are somewhat random at present, the gaps will be filled in over the coming days.

There are seven or eight separate allegations of criminal activity against Maxine Fothergill currently with Kent Police and none have been investigated, including one of my own. It is getting harder and harder to discount the fact that Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner being a former Bexley Council might be a factor.


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