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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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27 August (Part 1) - Just a one off, probably

TimetableFollowing my difficult journey back from Dartford yesterday I returned to Abbey Wood station to see if I had misread their timetable; I had but not in any significant way. My eye had not taken in the 16 minutes past Thameslink train on the line above the other three, but that did not explain where the SouthEastern trains had gone.

I asked.

“There were no trains to Dartford because of engineering work.” So how did the Thameslink train manage to get there?

“Because the engineering work was at Charing Cross”. So how did I get back to Bexley on a Charing Cross train?

No one knew. I had looked at the map of scheduled weekend engineering on Saturday and came to the conclusion that all the problems were well south of Abbey Wood. The weekend engineering map is no longer on display and replaced by another so any evidence one way or another has gone.

However I am assured that yesterday’s lack of trains from Dartford was a one off. The National Rail website was reporting that Thameslink had insufficient drivers available to meet their obligations and SouthEastern trains were not running for reasons unknown.

I must make it clear that all the staff at Abbey Wood station are incredibly helpful. Probably if I had asked one of them on Saturday I would have been more informed than I was just by reading the timetable and engineering notice.


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