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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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20 August - A not so super market

My friend Hugh has several times recently blogged his opinion of Erith's Morrison's supermarket and as there is not a lot going on right now and a big DIY job is going to see my electricity off for an indeterminate period later today I thought “on a dull Monday morning, why not?”.

I really do not like the Abbey Wood branch of Sainsbury’s. I used not to use Sainsbury’s at all because in my younger days there was a Lord Sainsbury who kept donating money to the Labour party but I must have mellowed over the years and the Abbey Wood branch is conveniently nearby and is very often nearly empty and probably that is half the reason for it being a disappointment.

That and it being extremely badly managed.

About three weeks ago I found only one cash till open and as I approached, the lady supervisor told me it was about to close. There was no alternative but she told me she was going to phone “for someone to come down”.

When I suggested that a more sensible procedure was to get someone down and then close the only available till she looked at me as if I was mad.

Fortunately, and unlike Hugh, I have overcome my aversion to self-service tills but I do object to them broadcasting what I am buying over their CCTV system.

Over the past fortnight approximately these are the problems that I have encountered in Abbey Wood Sainsbury’s…

Warburton’s small wholemeal loaves, all but a few two days out of date.
Gluten-free cake weeks out of date.
No one pint semi-skimmed milk available.
No four pint semi-skimmed milk available.
No baskets available. (Twice.)
No small trolleys available.
No travelators working. (Neither up nor down.)
One entrance door not working.
Self-service tills card only. (Many times.)
One item repeatedly refusing to scan eventually causing the machine to (in Windows terms) 'Blue Screen'.
Self-service cash till brought up an alarm accusing me of tampering with the change giving mechanism. (As there was no one at all on duty in that area I just left it and went to the adjacent scanner.)

Three different people claiming to be in the know have told me that Sainsbury’s Abbey Wood is performing so poorly that it might close. If that was to be true it would be a nuisance, have you been to Asda in Belvedere? Now that really is a mad house. Give me a deserted Sainsbury’s any time.


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