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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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17 August (Part 1) - Philip Read. Dishonouring his office

ReadA Councillor alerted me to Philip Read’s latest Tweet, I am barred from looking at his account and he is not so important that I feel the need to bypass his block more than once a week.

Just what does he think he is playing at? For a man who is part of a group that lies daily it is surprising to discover that he doesn’t know what a lie is although maybe that explains everything.

I think it is a near certainty that the Twitter account @bexley_tory is closely associated with @PhilipRead1 and may even be him. New Twitter users dip their toes into the water cautiously but this one jumped straight in attacking exactly the same people for exactly the same reasons as Philip Read and offering direct support to him.

It seems very likely that one is working in cahoots with the other. Believing that to be the case does not make me a liar.

BiB is accused of “spouting unsubstantiated venom”. You would be hard pressed to find either of those things, some people say it goes far too easy on Bexley Council because I have a long history of supporting the Conservative cause.

Apparently I should speak to him but Philip Read is someone who has made sure our paths do not cross.

As several Councillors could confirm I had a sneaking admiration for Councillor Craske, of the lovable rogue variety obviously. However when I held out an olive branch to him in connection with his Borough of Culture achievement he rejected my congratulations and swore in front of witnesses that he did not have a clue who I was. Even if that was true it would not excuse his boorishness.

Tweet Tweet
FOn the vinoor the record I try not to use a keyboard after 7 p.m. and be thinking of bed by ten and unlike some Councillors that could be named in no danger of Tweeting while drunk. Read's Tweet reveals which of us “cowers behind a keyboard late at night”.

Please don’t get the idea that Philip Read and Peter Craske are typical Bexley Councillors. One Conservative has already apologised profusely to me for Philip Read’s silly tantrum and going back a few months another Councillor sent me a substantial sum of money to defray the legal expenses incurred because of the vengeful Maxine Forthergill and the utterly contemptible Kent Police. They are still saying I should have been taken to Court.

Making an official complaint against Councillor Read may be an option. When it is rejected out of hand we will all know what the official position of Bexley Conservatives is on such matters.

You may wish to note how many Likes Philip Read achieved. Pathetic isn’t he?


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