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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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15 August - Casual misogyny. Constant mendacity

Another no news day which requires resort to Twitter.

The new Bexley Conservatives’ Twitter account wasted no time in choosing a path well trodden by an old hand at the game. Abuse and misogyny. Here he is referring to Teresa Pearce MP as “miserable and moaning” and implying that Councillor Wendy Perfect has been dodging surgeries (Tweet not included) and doesn’t live in her ward. Neither does Philip Read. His nomination paper confirms it even if it has been edited out of his Register of Interests.

In reality @bexley_tory is bitter about the fact that Labour Wendy took Read’s old ward and pushed his old mate Ray Sams out. Maybe that’s what comes from alienating so many of the electors in that ward.

Councillor Mabel Ogundayo has been criticised by Cabinet Member Philip Read since she was elected in 2014, now his alter ego is at it too.

Other females on the receiving end of @bexley_tory’s venom have been Sam Butterfly, which may or may not be her real name, and Emily Thornbury MP. Well maybe he does have a point there!

Tweet Tweet Yesterday while doing a big garage clear up I came across my old Tory membership card. Perhaps it is time to fling it in the bin.

TweetEveryone who follows Twitter locally knows that the official Bexley Conservative account, @bexleynews spews out nonsense and lies daily.

Yesterday they too returned to a familiar theme, that Bexley residents are the happiest in London and embroidered it somewhat by saying that Greenwich is the most miserable. That was nothing like true last time I looked at the Office of National Statistic’s report.

I didn’t have time to check it again myself but to cut a long story short, I told a Labour man who was having similar thoughts to my own where he might find the latest stats. While I was in East Ham he did so.

The recently published figures show that Bexley is far from being top dog. 16 London boroughs score higher on the happiness scale. It is true that Greenwich has slumped in recent years, it is now at 29th position out of 32. It must be all those towerblocks.

To save you searching for the official stats they are linked from here.

I think we can safely say that every bit of propaganda that Bexley Tories put out is a big fat whopping lie.

Note: A click on the final image will provide the complete Twitter correspondence.


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