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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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13 August (Part 2) - Council Chief Executives. They are all cast in the same mould

The Bexley Times has been getting hot under the collar because their sister paper in Thurrock has been banned from making any contact with Thurrock Council. Naturally they are incensed by the Council’s democratically challenged Chief Executive Lyn Carpenter

And quite right too, the woman should not be allowed to hold any publicly funded position.

Bexley Times What the Bexley Times does not appear to know is that they do not have to cross the Thames to see such lunatic behaviour, Bexley Council has long adopted similar tactics.

Recently they have denied the press any information about the premature departure of the unlamented Chief Executive Gill Steward but more seriously my occasional collaborator - very occasional these days - Mick Barnbrook is banned from making Freedom of Information Requests. Bexley Council said he made too many but they were almost all on different subjects.

He appealed to the Information Commissioner but they supported our bent Council. Mick’s guess and mine is that they had told the Commissioner that he was a “fascist blogger” intent on embarrassing the Council. We don’t know that for sure but we do know that that is how he was described at much the same time by Bexley Council when Tower Hamlets Council made enquiries about Mick.

Mick has never written a blog but as everyone to the right of Jeremy Corbyn can be labelled a Fascist these days, then perhaps we both are.

Another of my occasional collaborators is John Watson. After he caught out Gill Steward lying (all documented) following one of the early Maxine Fothergill episodes he was banned from making contact with the Council by any means ever again.

Maybe when that stupid woman has gone he will be able to sneak in the occasional question once again.

I have never been given a ban but I was threatened with one for complaining that Bexley Council had written outright lies about me. I had ten witnesses to say I had not done what I was accused of and Bexley Council had none but I was told if I made any more complaints I would be declared vexatious. I think I have only made three complaints in the past nine years, all of them for either lying or committing criminal offences against me.

The Bexley Times never noticed any of that. They really should look around their own patch as well as getting indignant about the way their Editor was treated in Thurrock.

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