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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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13 August (Part 1) - “A Tyranny of Experts” in Bexley and Hong Kong

Once again I am not moving far from home with this little news item but if you live in SE2 or DA17 you may have noticed that all four walkways over the Harrow Manorway flyover have been closed for a week. The reason is difficult to see, I have been there twice on most days and not seen anyone working on the flyover apart from a small gang who have installed a barrier on what might be called the Sainsbury’s leg.

Flyover FlyoverBexley Council appears to be content to inflict the maximum possible inconvenience on residents. Maybe they are awaiting the promised resurfacing work. Five weeks ago the main man at Bexley Council said this…

“We are currently working on the flyover outside Abbey Wood station, final adjustments are being made to the bridge joints prior to resurfacing of the route round about 23rd July.”

Nothing goes right does it? Not with the calibre of highway engineers we have in Bexley anyway.

Ever since work on the flyover commenced in March last year Bonkers has recorded progress. There are in excess of 250 photos now so be patient while they load.

If you scroll down to February and March 2018 you can see lamp posts being installed. The job was completed in April. (Try Photo No. 184 taken on 16th April).

If you look carefully at the LED lamp heads you may see that many are switched on during daylight hours and that is the way it has been since they were installed. Photo No. 237 being one of many examples. A bit of waste.

Bexley Council has given their reason.

They say, not unreasonably perhaps, that the narrow lanes have precluded access. This ignores the fact that southbound traffic has been coned into the central area for the past two weeks.

When this was pointed out to the Highways Manager he said he will try to get the clocks adjusted “over the next few weeks”. What did you expect? Urgent action on saving money?

CrossrailInside the adjacent railway station you might see up to three Crossrail trains but by the look of the destination indicators Woolwich station is no longer on the tube map.

The station, indeed the whole line, is being run by Mass Transit Railways based in Hong Kong under contract to TfL.

Was that a good choice? Not if you read the Chinese Press. Just Google for ‘MTR Scandal’. By all accounts they installed 5,000 faulty steel bars in Chinese stations and tunnels and both actually and metaphorically covered it all up. Anyone might think that Bexley Council has been involved in the construction.

One must hope that Balfour Beatty are better at building stations and tunnels than the “tyranny of experts” who manage MTR.

Will the first Elizabeth line train really run on 9th December?


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