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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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12 August - Slow road construction and fast broadband

With Bexley Council in recess and Councillor Read’s Twitter doppelgänger @bexley_tory gone quiet it’s not easy to keep Bonkers going on a daily basis but some things carry on as usual.

The weekly record of progress on the Harrow Manorway northern improvements continues and if you examine recent photos closely they proclaim ‘steady but slow’.

Yesterday after taking a few photos by the Yarnton Way roundabout I was chased down the road by a Conway man and I feared the worst. However the fears were unfounded and when I explained that I took pictures every Saturday he was interested and keen to look. The Crossrail photos have an easy to remember shortcut, but I couldn’t remember the Harrow Manorway link so could only suggest searching for Bexley is Bonkers Photo Features. Hopefully there is another new site visitor.

FlyoverOn the flyover itself there are signs of the northbound bus stop taking shape. I had imagined the gap in the concrete wall was to allow a shelter to be cantilevered out over Felixstowe Road below but the newly installed barrier suggests not.

Either way it will be surprising if the two bus stops do not create occasional grid lock, or maybe not so occasionally.

Recently completed Photo galleries feature the demolition of The Barge Pole public house and the off-licence that used to sit alongside The Harrow Inn.

Since 6th May Photo gallery images have been much bigger than before to allow decent quality on Ultra HD screens. Galleries with many images - like the Harrow Manorway ones - will be slow to load on non-fibre broadband.

Note. Be aware that the Crossrail short cut will stop the browser Back button working because you will be leaving Bonkers and making a new entry.


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