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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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9 August (Part 4) - The Bonkers Boris of Bexley

As I was saying, the way to increase Twitter followers is to be controversial, can Bonkers be the Boris Johnson of Bexley?

I read his Telegraph article on Monday and was in broad agreement that we should be careful about banning some items of clothing but I saw no way of linking the controversy to Bonkers - until that is the politically correct Police Commissioner Cressida Dick thought it would earn her Brownie points by announcing there had been a police enquiry into Boris’s ill-judged words about letter boxes. Was it necessary?

For me Dick’s actions says all you need to know about modern policing. Knowing what I do about her from my Daniel Morgan connections I have long believed her to be no less corrupt than her predecessors.

Not long ago while in a dentist’s waiting room I calmed a young lad who was terrified of what was in store for him in the surgery. Because of that I struck up a conversation with his mother. She was wearing a full Burka. It was a slightly surreal experience never being able to judge whether there would be a further response or I might safely go back to staring at the wall.

I can count six Muslim women among my acquaintances and have their phone numbers - but only three men. The women in particular are among the nicest people one could hope to meet but one of them admits to not being happy with the pressure to wear what her husband demands.

One of the men freely admits he would like to see his people take over the country. Nice enough bloke but it is a bit worrying.

Some of the six women look extremely attractive to me but I have long felt that those in Burkas are free to wear them if that is what they really want to do but I am equally entitled to think they look silly, just as Boris thinks they look like letter boxes. Probably someone in his position shouldn’t have said it bearing in mind that the country is now full of offence taking trouble making snowflakes. With luck they won’t notice my thoughts. I could do without a Dick investigation.

I get the impression that Councillor Philip Read is inclined to the same view as me. Wonders will never cease.
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Now the question is, will the weather brighten up enough to justify a trip to the Oval?


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