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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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9 August (Part 3) - Arguing with oneself

NarcissusBonkers has been on Twitter for five years. I was never quite sure of the merit of posting pictures of your breakfast but it became obvious Twitter was a useful source of news. What would The Daily Mail and The News Shopper do if they were unable to quote from Social Media?

I well remember getting 27 followers very quickly and after that the numbers climbed slowly but steadily. Recently the number has reached 1,076 and gone back to 1,068 three times over in just a few weeks. Very odd, but yesterday Bonkers gained a new follower to put the number back on the rise.

The new follower is @bexley_tory and it’s pretty certain (check the IP addresses) it is Councillor Philip Read. He follows me, I follow him. I have never been able to view his @PhilipRead1 account without engaging in a bit of a rigmarole but I’m very well aware of what he gets up to there.

His main subject matter is abuse of residents and the Labour Party but not always. There have been quite a lot of times when I might have Liked Councillor Read’s Tweets except that I was banned from doing so.

TweetMaybe I will be able to Like a post on his new account, but maybe not yet. Right now he has resumed the ‘Young, Female and…’ attack on Councillor Ogundayo he began at Scrutiny meetings back in 2014/15.

Meanwhile as we await an outbreak of common sense, Councillor Read has the opportunity to endorse his views on one account with the other one.

Councillor Read has form for this sort of thing. In 2011 he was the owner of, just a month before Bexley Council first had me done for Harassment.

The secret of large numbers of Twitter followers seems to be controversy. Mick Barnbrook’s account (@sleazebuster) went from 600 followers to seven and a half thousand when he began to be outspoken about the police. He believes, speaking from experience, that far too many of them are corrupt. I very much agree, the Met. has admitted as much and their Directorate of Professional Standards accepts they employ corrupt officers. I saw that in the seven year long Craske obscene blog case.

For speaking the truth as he sees it I have been told that Mick is “a detestable man” and Bonkers would be better if I said as much when mentioning him in future. He joined the BNP because at the time it was the only prominent anti-EU party and then, as is Mick’s way, reported its Leader to the police for financial irregularities and promptly left.

I suspect my response to the email will have lost me another Twitter follower.


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