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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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8 August - Bexley’s answer. A load of Bull

It’s been good to see the News Shopper send a reporter to Council meetings this year. I have sat near to their young and enthusiastic Tom Bull several times and he was very supportive through the Maxine Fothergill affair.

ArseWhen news leaked out that Bexley’s Chief Executive had become disenchanted with her two year old job he told me that the Council had refused to talk to him about it, he had put his faith in a Freedom of Information request instead.

My response to him was along the lines of “Fat Chance”, the front page of Bonkers does not proclaim ‘Exposing London’s most secretive council’ for nothing. And so it proved.

Tom Bull wanted to know if the table snatcher was working out her notice and whether she was going with a large (and undeserved) payment.

Gill Steward has been absent from Council meetings for the past month.

Inevitably Bexley Council has pulled down the shutters and gone into the the full on secrecy mode we know so well. Tom’s report may be seen here.

The only chance of discovering how much taxpayer money has been showered on Gill Steward will be to examine the Accounts but even then the figure will likely be lumped in with other outgoings to hide the truth.


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