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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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7 August (Part 2) - Smelly but fun

FerryLong ago when children could be trusted to behave themselves and adults could be trusted not to molest them I was often given sandwiches and a couple of pennies to take the 101 bus from East Ham or occasionally Wanstead to ride to North Woolwich and the Ferry terminal where the bus used to terminate, it stops short of Woolwich now.

There one could spend the whole day riding the Will Crooks or the John Benn watching the brass piston rods and breathing in the hot oil fumes of the paddle steaming Woolwich free ferries. Sometimes there would be four boats in operation but more often three if I remember correctly.

All gone now of course and from 6th October most definitely gone. For around two months Woolwich will be without its ferries as the terminals are reorganised - there will be four lane road access. Only two boats unfortunately.

TfL says the temporary loss of service will not disrupt traffic at Dartford or Blackwall, well we will believe that when we see it but at least the east west road crossing past the southern terminal will run more freely in future.

With thanks to Teresa Pearce MP for forwarding her official advice letter.


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