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Bonkers Blog August 2018

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4 August (Part 2) - Is it worth it?

“I’m not sure it is worth it” I said in this mornings blog. How would one measure such a thing? I’m pretty sure I wish I had never started it back in 2009 but that’s a different question.

Except for the few months after I first signed up for Google Analytics and on freak days when the readership would run into many thousands I’ve not been very interested in the number of readers. The figure climbed fairly steadily at first but then plateaued out a couple of years ago. Did I care? Not really. The blog seems to annoy the Hell out of those who wish to draw a veil over Council activities and sometimes I think that is almost as important as injecting a few truths about Council proceedings for more general consumption. The Philip Reads of this world must be counteracted. More on that tomorrow probably.

I have not logged in to Google Analytics for several months because the figures were always much the same but that doesn’t stop Google sending me a monthly email to let me know how many unique visitors Bonkers has had in the course of the previous month.

The figure has been rising steeply recently, up more than 50% on what it was three months ago. I suppose it has something to do with the site becoming more mobile friendly in early May - although some of the old pages are still a bit of a mess.

I may have not been especially interested in numbers over the past handful of years but the uplift must be good news, Bonkers should be annoying the powers that be even more than before and their enforcement agency in Arnsberg Way has been very quiet of late.


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