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Bonkers Blog April 2018

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30 April - The lull before the Friday storm

Just asking
Every one of Bexley’s 21 electoral wards has a dedicated Safer Neighbourhood Police team. (SNT).
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With Friday’s reduction from 21 to 17 wards, where will the ‘redundant’ police officers go?

Not a soul to be seen
You may have a distant recollection of the sun shining just over a week ago. Councillor Peter Craske took the opportunity to tell us that his Cory funded Splash Park replacement in Belvedere was packed solid.

Unfortunately for him his photos told a different story.
Not a soul
And speaking of sunshine, here’s some statistics from my solar panels.

Nothing but gloom
If one arbitrarily gives the months of January to April in 2011 a sunshine quotient of 100, then the years since then would be rated at 109·14%, 87·73%, 116·85% in 2014, 113·35%, 106·60%, 104·57% and 86·19% this year.

With the country relying so much on solar for power these days the lack of sunshine and consequent fossil fuel consumption must be a huge drag on the economy.

Whatever went wrong?
In 1991 Bexley was within a pound a year of having the 3rd lowest tax rate in London, Only Westminster and Wandsworth were cheaper. Now 24 London boroughs are cheaper than Bexley. In those 27 years the Conservatives have had large majorities in 19 of them.

Low tax borough my ars foot!

New website - Famous last words?
The transition to mobile friendliness is progressing so well it is tempting it launch it now rather than next Monday. It’s not going to be perfect whether it goes now or in a month’s time, there is so much history to wade through and tweak but all the basics are done, some of the old pages may look a bit ragged when displayed wider than the original design width of 960 pixelsh, but that can be fixed given time and new pages should look just fine.

Unfortunately there is no way it can be introduced piecemeal, section by section, it will have to be a big bang solution.


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