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Bonkers Blog April 2018

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28 April - CCTV : There is more to it than meets the eye

After the old map of Bexley Council’s CCTV cameras was published a few readers wondered if there was any point in having unmonitored cameras at all, they cover a restricted area and the chances of a camera pointing in the right direction at a critical moment would be pretty slim.

Spending £600,000 a year on a system that has only a small chance of being useful compared to £800,000 for someone to be watching for trouble all the time would appear to be a value for money upgrade. The ability to pan the cameras around would immediately double their coverage and zooming in would massively increase the chance of any recording being usable.

Bexley Conservatives pride themselves on giving value for money but they have got this one wrong haven’t they? Unfortunately they are far too stubborn to change their minds and in the nine years I have been watching them closely every single petition has been either rejected or ignored. The only possibility of change comes on 3rd May. It is time for a few bloody noses around here. Teresa and Co. need to be taught a lesson.

At the recent Cabinet and Council meetings, Labour leader Daniel Francis referred to a letter he had received from the staff who used to monitor the CCTV 24/7. It is a very revealing document and opens one’s eyes to just how much is being lost through Cabinet Member Craske’s crass decision.

Click image above to read all five pages. (PDF)
Image below is another short extract.


Note: Councillor Francis referred to a six page letter. The copy presented here is the same letter but redundant line spaces have been removed, hence only five pages.


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