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Bonkers Blog April 2018

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27 April - Belvedere matters but so does all of Bexley

Not having 25 party leaflets to put on line as happened four years ago means that when someone does bother to knock on my door and shove a piece of paper into my hand it can take pride of place here instead of being hidden away in a folder somewhere.

It is only the second leaflet I have received, both Labour.

I know the three people shown in the Belvedere leaflet and whilst they are a bit to the left of me the suggestion by Bexley Conservatives that they are “hard left” is absolutely ridiculous, if they were you would have heard all about it long ago on Bonkers.

There is a small number of very nasty people standing under the Tory banner and currently in top roles, I wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole. The Labour people deserve a chance to show us a more honest and better way than we have seen in recent years.
It is likely that the weekend will be taken up by web coding. The foundations are being laid for Bonkers being searchable, whether it will ever come off is another matter.


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