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Bonkers Blog April 2018

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26 April (Part 2) - Mobile friendly Bonkers

The transition of Bonkers from everything being of fixed size to something that is infinitely scalable is progressing quite well. The pages expand seamlessly from a mobile screen to Ultra HD (4k.) size. The photos look quite impressive at that size although they begin to pixelate once they get past the original fixed 960 pixel page width. There will have to be a re-think about image sizes, a compromise between higher resolution and data allowance and speed.

Some of the older pages are never likely to lend themselves to a mobile sized screen unless scrapped and completely rewritten but all the blogs, indices and report pages work as intended.

The greatest amount of work is in the banner and menu area and at the outset at least some facilities will be lost; no text size configuration for example.

The plan to completely lose some of the old content has been abandoned as it causes too many broken links and errors. It is unlikely that the old stuff will be restored to the menus, a lot of it wasn’t there anyway.

There will only be one menu, currently there are two which appear dependent on the type of page being viewed.

Enough of this boring stuff, the new system is scheduled to go live on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May. BiB will be in a mess for much of the day but with luck not as big a mess as TSB has been this week.


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