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Bonkers Blog April 2018

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20 April (Part 2) - Useless Idiots

Dates seem to be slipping badly…
Gayton Road
There has been absolutely no sign of Bexley Council creating the new public realm around Abbey Wood station and the blame can probably be laid upon Network Rail. After months of delays due to the late commissioning of the Stannah lifts they still have scaffolding and barriers everywhere. It looks like things will be at least six months late.

Things are not much better to the south in Gayton Road. Interim works may have made it wider than it used to be and the double yellow lines have been lost. The result is very often chaos.
Gayton Road Gayton Road Gayton Road Gayton Road
Gayton RoadA few cars can safely park there but it takes a special sort of idiot to park something larger adjacent to the bend and pop into the Abbey Arms.

When the driver was eventually located he moved his van on to the pavement and went back into the pub.

For how much longer will Bexley Council allow these things to happen? Until they are able to start the improvement works presumably.

All photos circa 4:20 p.m. today.


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