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Bonkers Blog April 2018

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13 April (Part 1) - One in, one out

Yesterday morning I wrote the first draft of a complaint to Kent Police that the Sergeant who decided to charge me with harassment on the word of a proven liar had not checked any part of Councillor Fothergill’s false Statement. She had signed it late in the day on the 29th December and he read it and made his decision the following day.

His case was that I had harassed Fothergill by writing 41 blogs about her but he couldn’t have read them. Under a warning that making false statements is a criminal offence she claimed to have been been found not guilty by Bexley’s Code of Conduct Committee so the incompetent police officer assumed I must have Photoshopped the screenshots of Bexley’s website which said otherwise. He also failed to notice that most of the blogs supported Fothergill. In summary he could not have looked at any of the evidence.

And then the postman called. He delivered a letter from the Metropolitan Police’s Directorate of Professional Standards. (DPS.)

BlurredIt was their reply to a complaint about Bexley police who jumped at the command of Cabinet Member Don Massey when he claimed that the image reproduced here revealed the personal details of his daughter. I had not named the people pictured or revealed that one might be the daughter of a Councillor. The picture was at the time of publication freely available on the Massey’s Facebook page and not blurred beyond recognition.

The only point in complaining to police is to see what excuses they will come up with to cover their backsides. To assume one might get an honest reply from such a corrupt organisation would place the complainant firmly in la la land.

I had hoped for something more inventive than “a proportionate response” to excuse promptly dancing to Massey’s tune, sending three officers to my house without checking facts beforehand, threatening me with arrest and keeping me on tenterhooks for seven months while they decided whether to prosecute or not.

I have been informed that there is no further appeal route. I may ask the DPS for the Statute which gives the police immunity from outside scrutiny, not that further complaint is very worthwhile. The Independent Office for Police Conduct is yet another organisation set up to defend corruption. They were recently fully supportive of the conspiracy that led to Councillor Craske’s “ongoing situation being resolved” after pornography was traced to his IP address and it being found on his laptop.

The original offending blog. It was the first time the Massey photo appeared on BiB and no one was named apart from Councillor Don Massey.


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