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Bonkers Blog April 2018

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12 April - CCTV. Bexley Conservatives’ number 2 weak spot

TweetI keep an eye on the various Bexley Police Twitter accounts mainly to see if they do anything more useful than monitoring other Twitter accounts for “unfriendliness”. It was reported recently that the Met employs 900 officers in the department that looks out for rude words.

I have my own reasons for despising all police officers and probably no one outside the criminal fraternity has a lower opinion of them than I have. Perhaps I should make an exception for my son-in-law Alastair whose brother was murdered by the boys in blue 31 years ago. As a successful private investigator he planned to expose their corruption.

On Tuesday the Blackfen Safer Neighbourhood Team reported that three local shops had been broken into. It must be awkward having to work with a ward Councillor they once had to arrest for Misconduct in a Public Office.

WindowThree shop break ins in one night is not something to be casually brushed aside as happened when a shop window was broken in Abbey Wood two months ago. (Photo 1.)

Abbey Wood’s Wilton Road has somehow acquired a bad reputation but most of the time nothing happens there especially now that the new station directs travellers to other exit routes.

What Blackfen Police are doing about three break ins I do not know but I do know what Blackfen residents did about it. They took to Facebook and made their position very clear, so much so that the Administrator had to delete ill-tempered posts and temporarily disallow further comment.

“We want CCTV” was the theme but is there any point while Bexley Council is determined to save £225,000 a year by not looking at the pictures in real time?

Councillor Craske (Conservative, Blackfen & Lamorbey) says the police monitor the CCTV but like everything he says it must be taken with a large pinch of salt. Councillor James Hunt (same ward) shared that view in a Facebook comment. It is not what I have heard Borough Police Commanders say.

At the October 2015 People Scrutiny meeting which Councillor Hunt chaired it was clearly stated (and recorded) that “The council is working very closely with the borough commander but they are unable to monitor from the police station”.

I will concede that the Borough Commanders have been inconsistent when commenting on this subject. Presumably there is the truth and the politically expedient.

Window Window Window Window
Three shops vandalised in Blackfen. No CCTV.

The police may have some facilities to monitor CCTV but they don’t unless there is a very urgent need. The old routine of the Council operator radioing the police when they spot something untoward and training all available cameras on the hotspot went more than two years ago.

At best it is all reactive now and the only way of fixing that is by voting Labour on 3rd May. It and building on parks is the only thing that currently sets the two parties apart.

Note: Number 1 weak spot must be building over parks.


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