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Bonkers Blog April 2018

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11 April - Election propaganda, Kent Police and Estate Agency for sale

Where have you been?
A 36 hour trip to Bournemouth for the sixth funeral attendance since August made me miss the Nominations announcement and last night’s Cabinet meeting. (If I lose many more friends I won’t have anyone to attend mine!)

Persons Nominated
The Bexley Council Statement of Persons Nominated reveals more than 60 names that are familiar to me. If the sitting Councillors and those who have stood for election before are excluded it still leaves half a dozen names. And why are they familiar?

Because they have been occasional, in some cases regular, correspondents with me via BiB; all of them critical of Bexley Council.

And what is surprising about that? Well two are Conservatives and one with a reasonably good chance of being elected. Will the leopard change its spots?

TweetI am disappointed that in my ward, Belvedere, I have a choice only of Labour or Conservative.

Whilst Bexley is run by a small band of ruthless cheats and liars there is no way I can vote for a party which I used to regard as ‘home’ and whilst Bexley Labour appears to be for the most part benign with their hearts in the right place they occasionally do things designed to be a total turn off for the political fence sitters like me. (See Tweet alongside.)

One might put it down to the youthful exuberance of London Young Labour but the Red Flag was Retweeted by Bexley Labour. Leader approved? I suspect not.

Propaganda dissected
TeresaIt’s not often something like this drops on to my door mat. The last time I received a communication originated by Our Dear Leader (OBE) it was a warning from Bexley Police to stop being critical of Councillors or face arrest.

This time it was the official Conservative propaganda sheet. Not all lies but far from being entirely truthful. It begins in the way it intends to carry on by referring to Labour Councillors as Comrades with all the connotations that implies and then repeating it where possible.

It claims that Bexley Conservatives choose to live in the borough and implies Labour Councillors do not. The reverse is true. I know of four Tories who have lived elsewhere for all or most of the past four years.

The Tories lie that Labour can only fall back on slogans and spin which ignores that facts. Everyone who follows @bexleynews on Twitter knows that the Conservatives do little else but spin. It was the Conservatives who could only sloganise, march and spin about the proposed police station closure while the Labour Group was busy taking more effective action.

Labour’s letter to the Home Secretary.
Labour’s letter to the Deputy Head of the Mayor’s Office for Policing (MOPAC) with attachments.
Labour welcomes the police station’s reprieve.

The Tories even went as far as maliciously re-editing a video to ‘prove’ their point.

The Conservatives repeat their claim to be a low tax Council but despite the frequent references to Labour, when last in office, raising it to unacceptable levels. The truth is that compared to other London Councils Bexley has increased Council Tax at an even greater rate.

“Bexley’s schools are rated as some of the best in the UK” is a nice slogan but it is not the whole truth. Several are still rated “In need of Improvement”.

Bexley is not “THE CLEAN BOROUGH”. It has a worsening fly tipping problem, a worsening bin collection failure rate and the streets are no cleaner than when the Conservatives took control. They have cut the cleaning budget.

Road maintenance is increased “THREEFOLD” only because Bexley Tories cut it to the bone over three years in order to cynically spend all the saving in an election year. And have you ever seen the roads in a worse state than they are now? “THE CARING BOROUGH” is still spending less on Adult Care but more efficiently, so they say.

“THE GREEN BOROUGH” is still intent on building over parks and the tree planting programme is hitting the headlines only because until this election year all tree planting was halted.

No bridgeBexley Council is looking forward to the opening of the Elizabeth Line and its possible extension to Ebbsfleet. If Bexley Conservatives had been forward thinking when it came into office in 2006 they could have campaigned for it then but at that time they were against everything that might have dragged Bexley away from its backwater status.

The Conservatives are belatedly pushing for fast broadband across the borough neatly overlooking the fact that they put obstacles in front of BT’s expansion plans for several years.

The Tories rightly criticise Sadiq Khan for his proposals for more and more concrete and extol the benefits of social housing, but they have built none. Very little affordable either

TweetRidiculing Labour and Jeremy Corbyn for his “Kinder Gentler” politics may be fair enough, he and his ilk are beyond the pale but so is Councillor Philip Read who Tweets poisonous bile most days.

Kent Police
Michael Barnbrook has had a reply to his email of 13th March. In typical style it starts “I apologise for the slight delay in responding” but more importantly goes on to confirm that the matter is still under investigation. There is still no reply to my allegation of crime by Councillor Maxine Fothergill but my complaint about Kent Police not checking on the lies she told in her signed Statement has now been acknowledged.

Amax Estates? The description is a perfect fit

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