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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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30 September (Part 2) - ‘Councillor Philip Read is an idiot’. If that’s the best BiB can come up with, has it done its job?

Keeping Bonkers alive has proved quite difficult over the past several months. For one reason or another all the long term supporters have fallen by the wayside and Bexley Council appears to have at long last taken the advice Bonkers has been giving out for years; ease up on the non-stop lying.

BiB set out with the aim of exposing Bexley Council’s lies and criminal excesses and if they have cleaned up their act then maybe it is “job done”.

CretinIt’s more than a week since the pathetic Councillor for Northumberland Heath uttered one of his trademark outrageous lies and can now resort only to his secondary skill, unwarranted abuse.

I have no idea why he thinks he has upset me and probably it is just another of his vile imaginings. I have had no contact with any politician for more than a week except that Teresa Pearce asked a question relating to my link to the Abbey Wood Traders’ Association.

I doubt any Labour politician would ever speak to me again if they knew what I really thought of the thugs, anti-Semites, economic pariahs and loons of every variety who congregated in Brighton last week. (And the idiotic Councillor Read will continue to claim I am a Labour supporter.)

If all there is left to talk about in Bexley is the mental illness that afflicts the Northumberland Numpty then maybe the days of daily blogging are over.

BeggingNot so elsewhere it would appear.

Following in the footsteps of the 853 blog, the Murky Depths site is looking to go daily and asking for the money to do it.

There is no doubt that blogging daily is very time intensive if it is done properly and as you will have noticed, there is never enough time to get all around the borough and in my experience the direct costs are mainly in time.

When I was putting more effort into Bonkers than has been the case recently there was no time for domestic chores or sorting out things like the best energy deals or interest rates on savings.

That neglect has cost quite a lot of money but the direct costs of running Bonkers, domain registration, web hosting, software licences etc. don’t amount to much. But if you are having to give up regular employment to keep a blog afloat that is of course a different matter.

It is very obvious that a great deal of research time and effort goes into fromthemurkydepths and how the author finds the time while in full time employment is a blogging mystery. It would be a considerable loss to South East London if ‘murky’ was lost for financial reasons.


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