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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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29 September - Canary Wharf in 11 minutes. Same as from Knee Hill to Sainsbury’s

In the early days of computing if you reported a bug in a program the complaint was too often brushed aside as being ‘a feature’.

Perhaps it doesn’t happen now that it would be next to impossible to get any sort of reply from a big software provider but for Transport for London it is still a neat way to excuse a problem.

The pedestrian controlled lights outside Sainsbury’s in Abbey Wood have been faulty on and off for the past ten months, the current failure has been ongoing for a month or more.

I came out of Sainsbury’s yesterday at 1:30 with a couple of bags of food destined for East Ham. I just missed the green man so stood by the roadside entirely alone for a minute at most with the button untouched. The green man returned unasked.

When I got home I found the message below in my Inbox. Apparently the constantly cycling lights are not a fault, it is an intended feature.

That has to be load of nonsense doesn’t it?

I had to be in Bromley today for what I thought might be a two hour job on an AV system and wi-fi that had stopped working.

I was on the road by 9 a.m. and six minutes later found myself gridlocked on the Knee Hill roundabout because of the long tailback from TfL’s wonderful new feature. The queue went fully half way up new Hill; so much for TfL’s plan to run a fast bus route (301) between the Crossrail station and Bexleyheath. It’s what is called Joined Up Thinking.

The job in Bromley took seven hours and not two - but at least it ended in success. By the time I got back home there was another message in the Inbox. It said the Sainsbury’s crossing was mended during the day and was working properly now.

But for how long?

I had three short blogs planned for today, now I can’t remember what they were going to be about.


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