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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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23 September (Part 2) - Shoppers feel threatened but it is the traders who are

Wilton Road Wilton RoadThe past week has seen Greenwich street wardens out in Wilton Road, Abbey Wood most days, perhaps every day but Bexley Council has yet to show any interest. They have already admitted that their priority is raising money from fag-end droppers in Bexleyheath Broadway. That is where the money is to be made; when they came to Abbey Wood for a day they only picked up three offenders.

Both borough police forces have sent out officers, I’ve not seen any myself but reliable sources confirm they have broken with tradition and turned up on foot.

Probably the drinkers, drug dealers and beggars quickly disappear down the side alleys leaving the police to look for easy targets. One of the retailers licensed to sell alcohol had to produce his documents for Bexley police one day and for Greenwich police the next.

I’ve asked a decent number of people if they find Wilton Road (Photo 1 at mid-day, Photo 2 early evening) threatening and most do not, but it’s a self selecting sample. People who do find it threatening stay away.

The following composite of Facebook comments suggest there is a real problem for some people.


Click or scroll to see more. (Screen refresh may be necessary.)

Like most local residents I have learned that the drinkers are not interested in anyone but themselves and their Special Brew but I wasn't silly enough to go down the alley with my camera when I saw a couple exchanging packets there on Wednesday afternoon.

Now that the details have leaked into the public domain via other channels I can confirm that the launderette is closed because of a major plumbing problem and may not re-open. The controlling interest has been transferred to another party.

Jennings the betting shop has been widely rumoured to be closing but I have yet to see any official confirmation of that. Maybe I should pop inside to look but that would break a life-time record of not entering one.

The ladies' hairdresser, the shop nearest to the station, is up for sale at £575,000. The lack of inexpensive parking facilities nearby were strangling trade and the owner has decided it is time to retire.

Who has the money to open the coffee shop that so many people seem to be clamouring for?

There has been no more information about the promised public meeting on the subject of Anti-Social Behaviour.


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