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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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20 September (Part 1) - Hypocrite or idiot or both?

The Bonkers postbag suggests that most people think that Bexley Council publishing the names AND the addresses of the litter louts they prosecute is the perfect illustration of Bexley Council’s usual vindictiveness, but it’s not illegal and some people think it is OK.

HypociteToday’s News Shopper suggests that some of those people are selfish hypocrites.

The writer applauds Bexley Council and the scurrilous rag for publishing the addresses but at the same time realises that putting his own name in the paper might place him at the same risk of retaliation as the litter louts.

He seems to have a poor opinion of all children too and specially asks the editor to hide his identity.

If he can think that far he can’t be a complete idiot but if he cannot see his own hypocrisy then perhaps he is.

Incidentally, I have used the same log-in to view the News Shopper since before Bonkers was created but today it refuses to recognise my email address. Its not stopped them spamming me with rubbish news though.

Had to install the scanner driver on the new computer instead of downloading the PDF.


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