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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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19 September - Road wrecking in Bexleyheath and Abbey Wood - and a bit of a flood

This evening’s Cabinet meeting provided the opportunity to look at the wrecking operation in Albion Road. The town bypass is being reduced from two lanes in each direction to just one. How mad is that?

It remains to be seen whether replacing the traffic lights in Gravel Hill with two roundabouts is a success; I am cautiously optimistic. No one can say that the lights performed perfectly.
Albion Road Albion Road Albion Road Albion Road
Abbey Wood, or more precisely, the part of it around Wilton Road has been a centre of interest for various agencies over the past week.

Wilton Road Wilton RoadUp to three police officers have been seen at the same time. Some shops have been visited by both Bexley and Greenwich officers. Maybe they are not as aware of the borough boundaries as one might expect.

Today two RBG wardens were on patrol while there was no sign of either the drinking gang or their betting counterparts. The wardens said they had been switched from their usual patch on Powis Street. Within seconds of taking their photo I encountered one of the street beggars.

Maybe Greenwich Council should have sent a traffic warden instead, the car first caught on camera on 8th September and reported to have been there two weeks earlier, was still occupying a prime position outside Hunters Estate Agency.

Meanwhile beggars and wardens alike can stand and wonder whether the new railway station can possibly open on time. The wooden cladding is not as attractive as that shown on the plans and water seems to be causing a few problems.

The men working in the deep hole near the temporary booking office (Photo 69 in the current Crossrail album) say they are dealing with a water leak and on the other side of the track a small reservoir has appeared. The photograph (Photo 112) is currently at the top of the pile of new pictures over in the Crossrail section of Bonkers. The wooden cladding is Photo 103. It looks too much like a pigeon loft to me.

Oh! And I finished the rewrite of the website and corrected dozens of mistakes. A trade directory with wrong addresses and a beauty parlour with both the address and the phone number missing is surely not a lot of use to anyone. And writing the code properly results in a website that loads a lot more quickly and is not a lot more than a tenth of the size.

Whether it ever sees the light of day I do not know though Google will probably index the temporary address in a day or two!


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