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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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16 September - Locally at least the Conservatives really are the nasty party

At the beginning of this year the Royal Borough of Greenwich decided to abolish burial charges for under 18 year olds and as Eltham Crematorium is a joint enterprise with Bexley Council they had little option but to follow suit.

Labour’s Motion in March called for budget figures to be made available to them earlier to provide more opportunity for properly costed alternatives to be put forward. It went on to welcome the Greenwich initiative on funeral costs and Bexley’s support for abolishing charges.
It seems clear enough that Labour Councillors were in favour of not charging for burying or cremating a deceased child, however the Conservatives voted their Motion down so officially it never happened.

A golden opportunity for Bexley Conservatives to use the body of a dead baby as a political football.

Is nothing beyond the pale for the bunch of reprobates you voted into office?
Really horrible people aren’t they?


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