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Bonkers Blog September 2017

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12 September (Part 4) - It’s all happening in Wilton Road

Last Thursday’s blog about Wilton Road, Abbey Wood and its follow up yesterday together with the support garnered on Twitter appears to have had the desired effect. There have been a lot of developments over the past 24 hours all stemming from Danny Hackettְ’s promise made immediately after being told just how serious the problems were in Wilton Road to get all the interested parties together.

Phone calls, emails and texts flying around suggest that the powers-that-be have got the message, well most of them anyway, a Danny Hackett idea may not be the best way to get Bexley Tories on board but I am sure they will not want to demonstrate that their current pro-North propaganda is nothing but a sham.

I trust that you will understand that it is not always appropriate to go into too much detail too early but what I have heard gives some confidence that Councils and Councillors really do mean business this time, there is after all an election due in little more than six months.

Meanwhile here’s a few pictures taken over ten minutes this afternoon while I waited for a shop to open. It’s owner was doing a delivery somewhere, being a one man band is not easy.

Cover off Another cover off Broken pipe Broken pipe Snapped pipe

Another cover off Peeing Peeing Parking Drain

Running the drainage above footpath level was not a good idea, the exposed end of the pipes get kicked and broken. Covers are pulled off exposing electricity cables and as you may see, the beer drinking leads to the road becoming a toilet. (I should have used a longer shutter speed to better capture the ‘stream’.)

Ongoing problems are the lack of parking enforcement on the Greenwich side of the road, the BMW is alleged to have been there for two weeks. Photos prove it has not moved since last Friday. Bexley Council continues to neglect the drainage system. Look hard and you can see the gully is only just above the water level on a day with no rain.


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